World's Fastest Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat


-Fits Standard Household Toilets

"You know how fast a little fiber can make you go."

Finally, a high performance, race ready composite toilet seat.

Hand layered Carbon around a premoulded foam core - the same procedures used on our bicycle wheels and racing components. We use only the finest epoxy resin system and 550,000 psi tensile Carbon Fiber. The Carbon Fiber is custom woven for Dynamic Composites Inc. in a 2x2 twill pattern. This is absolutely the nicest looking weave, as seen in Indy cars and Fighter planes.

Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat Prices:


Complete lid and seat: $249 US + $30 Shipping and Handling in Continental USA


Carbon Fiber Table

Hemispheric Carbon Fiber table with wood top.
Mahogany top shown here.

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Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

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